A New Holiday Twist: Spa-loween!

A New Holiday Twist: Spa-loween!

As your little princess grows up, she might not be satisfied with the old Halloween standbys. A ghost? Too boring. A zombie? Everyone else is doing it? A princess… of course, but how can your little princess separate this special occasion from all the other times she wants to look her best?

Make it a Spa-loween! That’s right, if you want to give your little princess, royal queen, or magical fairy the best edge for her costume, consider taking her to a spa for the royal dress-up treatment! This can be a fun opportunity to get a themed manicure, add some colorful hair extensions, or try on a great new makeup look that wouldn’t work during the regular school week. Best of all, when you take your child to a children’s spa, you can trust that she will have fun, be safe, and maybe even learn a few things along the way. Don’t just stop at beauty! When you visit a children’s spa, your child can benefit from a whole host of exciting services, including massages, facials, and more. Pamper her before the holiday to make sure she’s looking and feeling her best!

Is your little one more drawn to the villains than the princess? Perhaps she’d rather be an evil queen, a cackling witch, or a bloodthirsty vampire! Get her the hair and nails to complete her look in a fashionable way—updos, dark feather extensions, and dark nail themes can be the perfect accessory to complete her bewitching plans! While most salons are not experts at applying costume makeup, everything from subtle styles to daring colors can be incorporated to give your child an exciting look fit for the real world. Make the event even more fun by inviting a few friends to the spa. No matter what the season, the best place to take your child is to a reputable children’s spa in New Jersey. The best use natural and organic ingredients without harsh chemicals, protecting your child from the risk of skin irritations and allergies that may occur from cheap grocery store or drugstore makeup. Reserve your time in advance, or something scary might happen!

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