Summer Fun For Kids

Summer Fun For Kids

Summer can be the best time ever! There is no school, the weather is nice and hot, and there is nothing to do, all day!

On the other hand, summer can be the worst time ever. The kids are home all day, the weather is blistering and nobody wants to go outside unless they can be in the pool, and everyone is bored and has nothing to do, all day!
Depending on your perspective, summer can be the most exciting or the most boring three months of the year. So consider these top ten ways to make sure that your kids find the best summer activities in New Jersey to keep them occupied!

1. Get involved at the library. Almost every city has a free public library, and most of these have fun summer reading programs for kids! If your child isn’t old enough to read, yet, check for parent and child programs that promote literacy. For teens, consider volunteering!

2. Get outside. Kids spend all year stuck inside of schools, so get them outside when you have the chance. Summer is a great time to learn how to ride bikes, how to swim, or how to do other outdoor activities.

3. Go on a special trip! Summer is perfect for family vacations, so check out local landmarks, national monuments, national parks, or just your favorite area of town and go for a walk!

4. Plan a special event. If your child loves doing hair or makeup, considering setting up an appointment at a children’s spa in NJ. She can see how to put on makeup, have her nails done, and get her hair styled in the most beautiful way imaginable!

5. Try a new restaurant. Kids love to visit new places, and summer offers the chance to catch those low-priced lunch specials. Even for working parents, this can be an opportunity to take a long lunch, explore a new location, and teach your child about the fine art of public dining.

6. Pick up a new hobby. Would your child love to be a scientist, a hair stylist, or an artist? Whatever his or her dreams are, help make them come true! Simple kits can be purchased at toy stores or craft stores, or hit up the “DIY” section of the internet to find fun, child-friendly activities that will keep them entertained all summer.

7. Movie marathon. While it’s always a good idea to limit screen time, a little movie marathon or streaming video binge is a part of life. This one is best planned with a friend who can help yell at the screen when the characters make poor decisions.

8. Keep up with school. We all know that kids want to enjoy their vacation—and rightfully so! However, keeping up with academics is something that should happen year round. Plenty of free websites offer opportunities for kids to have fun and practice math, reading, and science.

9. Explore the community. Many communities have summer carnivals, street fairs, and more during the warm weather. Take advantage and take your children to family-friendly events.

10. Sleepovers! The ultimate activity of childhood will never grow old. Invite a few friends over, buy or make some snacks, and turn on a silly movie for a night of fun!

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