Top Five Tips for Empowering Your Daughter

Top Five Tips for Empowering Your Daughter

When you look at your little girl, you imagine the best for her. You have so much to teach her, and in just a few years, she’ll be off on her own! So how can you help her grow into a powerful young woman? These five tips will help your princess on her path to empowerment!

1. Be a good role model! Your child looks to you for everything—even when she won’t admit it. Little girls love to do what their parents do, but tweens and teens do as well—they just don’t let you know! When she sees you standing up for yourself, taking charge, and fixing problems, she knows she can grow up to do the same one day. Consider sharing your favorite experiences with her—if you love your spa days, consider taking her to a great children’s spa in New Jersey so she can see for herself what it’s like.
2. Share mistakes. Everybody messes up sometimes—the way we handle those mistakes defines who we are. Share your successes and your failures with your daughter so she can see you overcome those challenges!
3. Talk to her about health and taking care of her body. This includes everything from bathing regularly to avoiding drugs and alcohol. Make it clear that her body belongs to her, and she only gets one! A great way to accomplish this is by providing her with an opportunity to pamper herself and learn more about the care of her hair, skin, and nails. A children’s salon in NJ might be the perfect opportunity!
4. Teach her how to “adult.” Chores are one thing, but what about managing time, prioritizing challenges, or managing emotional stress? These important concepts of adulthood must be learned, and as her parent, you are the best one to teach her. When she’s ready, having her schedule her own appointments for a haircut at a children’s salon, or help her plan the best birthday party for kids in NJ with some help from mom and dad.
5. Be quiet. The first four tips have you saying a lot—now’s your time to listen. Even if your daughter doesn’t have much to say, she’ll appreciate some time when you turn off the TV (but not during her favorite show!), put aside the phone, and focus completely on her.
Most of all, emphasize her best characteristics. Girls today have to be more than just “pretty” or “nice”—we live in a world where powerful, smart, and capable young women are on their way to becoming the next president!

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