Spa Day: A Great Bonding Experience for Teens

Spa Day: A Great Bonding Experience for Teens

Being a teenage girl in today’s world is tough. Today’s teens face longer hours at school, more time involved in after-school activities, increased pressure to succeed, and constant access to social media. While every parent hopes their teen will do well, we all remember the “mean girls” who made lives miserable in middle and high school. Even so, most teen prefer to go to their friends with questions about relationships, problems, or aspirations.

So how do you help your teen build strong friendships that will get her through this challenging and exciting time in her life? One of the best ways to show her you care is to provide opportunities for her and her friends to bond. This can be as simple as hosting regular sleepovers and providing rides to school activities, but sometimes you want to go a little further. To provide a very special treat for your teen, consider bringing her and her friends to a teen spa in New Jersey!

Teens and tweens love trying out adult things, and for good reason: they are preparing for the young adult life that is soon to come. Help them find positive outlets by showing them some safe and relaxing activities that real adults enjoy regularly. Your teen and her friends can relax in style, explore hair, nail, and makeup with experienced adult supervision, and can change up the pattern of hanging out at friends’ houses, school, or shopping centers.

One of the best things about a spa day is that it allows and sometimes requires the teens to “tune out” of their busy lives. We all love Instagram and Twitter, but these distractions are happily silenced with cucumber eye masks and gummy bear hand soaks! Teach your teen the benefit of chatting quietly with her friends about what really matters instead of sharing someone else’s thoughts online, and help her develop good self-care habits at the same time.

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